A Fraternal Organization


TIFFIN, OHIO (419) 447-2818

Established September 12, 1888

May 2018
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Several of your Elk representatives and I went to the Ohio Elk State Convention at the end of April. Although that was a short trip that we carpooled to, in July we will be flying to San Antonio, Texas for the Elk National Convention and 150th Anniversary. Both of these meetings are mandatory for four of our officers and trustees.  Next time you are at the bar consider throwing a buck in the "Texas Jar" to help out with our trip expenses. Also look for some raffle giveaways coming to some future events - the proceeds will go right to the travel fund. 

You may have noticed a giant fence in the parking lot. Our neighbor building (bordering south of the lot) is getting a facelift. The results will improve the look of our building by proxy and should go well with our future planned balcony work. The fence will be gone soon and is there to protect our cars from rogue falling bricks. 

There are a variety of events planned for this summer if it will ever arrive, and I'm looking forward to enjoying those with all of you!  

Forever in Elkdom,
    Branden Johnson, ER


I'm happy to report that we have 68% of our membership dues in, we're just missing ~96 people.  If you are one of those, please send your dues within 60 days so we don't have to drop you and charge a reinstatement fee (and so you can enter with the new purple card)!  More importantly, we had one of the largest initiations in April with seven new members.  Please welcome Austin Willman, Jessie Babcock, David Werner, Brandon Nye, Kip Kieffer, Andrew Faber, and Ron Schumacher to our lodge and help them feel at home when they visit!  

Unfortunately, lifetime member Don Bero passed away in mid-April.  Don was an active member of the lodge for 71 years- what a remarkable commitment to our lodge and community!  We will hold a vacant chair ceremony for him at the next lodge meeting on May 3.  We also lost two former Tiffin Elks members in April- Bernie Hohman and Fred Spurck.  Our thoughts are with their families.     

Respectfully Yours,
    Laura Johnson, Secretary


May Events

  • May 05: Cinco De Mayo / Derby Day
  • May 23: Special Wednesday Dinner!
  • June 02: Build A Burger
  • June 16: Seneca County Nature Preserve Clean Up
  • June 16: Clouse Hot dog night!
  • June 20: BBQ Chicken Dinner
  • June 23: Fish Fry
  • July 12: Guest Chef Dinner by Matt Skeel
  • July 14: Elks Storm the Island
  • August 04: Build A Burger
  • August 15: Guest Chief Dinner
  • August 18: Golf Scramble
  • August 26: 2nd Anual Minimal Regatta
  • September 01: Build A Burger
  • September 05: Wednesday Meals at Elks - Beef Sandwiches
  • September 14: Elk 94's 130th Anniversary
  • September 15: Breakfast and Parade
  • September 15: Kids Corner
  • September 15: Band: Rusty Vinyl
  • October 04: Annual Inspection
  • October 06: Build A Burger Birthday Dinner
  • October 27: SCYP BOOzin’ Bar Crawl and Halloween movie night
  • November 03: Gun and Cash Raffle
  • November 10: Veterans Day Dinner
  • November 22: Thanksgiving Safezone
  • December 02: Memorial Service
  • December 15: Kids Christmas Party
  • December 15: Hoop Shoot
  • December 24: Tom and Jerry party
  • December 27: Martini Party
  • January 22: RF&B @ The Elks
  • February 02: Build a Burger
  • February 03: Super Bowl Party
  • February 13: Oven Roasted Chicken Meal
  • February 22: Flat Iron Steak Meal
  • March 02: Build-a-Burger
  • March 13: Dinner at the Elks
  • March 16: St. Patty's Day Dinner
  • March 22: Dinner at the Elks
  • March 23: Ladies Night!
  • April 06: Build a Burger
  • April 10: Dinner at the Elks - Ribs or Eggplant Parmesan
  • April 13: Awards Party!
  • April 20: New Elks Officers Installation Ceremony
  • April 26: Arbor Day Benefit Dinner at Elks
  • May 04: Build-a-Burger, Derby Party
  • May 11: Build your own Pasta Dinner
  • May 15: Brisket Dinner
  • May 22: Italian Buffet
  • June 12: Chicken Dinner
  • June 15: Flag Day Ceremony
  • June 15: Clouse Dog Night!
  • June 19: Meal TBD
  • July 27: PineWood Derby Race
  • August 17: Golf Tournament
  • August 18: The Regatta

Where are all those May flowers? Hopefully, with all the April rain they are right around the corner.

May events start on Saturday, May 5th with Derby night and Cinco de Mayo. We will be back to Build a Burger and will have some festive sandwich options around these 2 events. We will also be having some drawings and giveaways for those in attendance. The kitchen will be open from 5 to 8, but the party will continue!

There will be a second meal in May that be announced soon. The second meal will be a fundraiser to help purchase some new items for the outside patio. Chairs, flowers, plants, lighting, storage, and music are all examples of what we are looking to purchase.

Starting May 1st we will allow our 4 legged friends to enjoy our patio as well. They will not be allowed to enter the building, only the patio.

There are a lot of summertime events coming so please be on the lookout for communication concerning all the fun! If you are interested in volunteering ideas or your time please feel free to contact a trustee.

Respectfully Yours,
    Your Trustees

Branden Johnson Exalted Ruler
Katie Lang Leading Knight
Michele Upton Loyal Knight
Jennifer Kahler Lecturing Knight
Laura Johnson Secretary
Jim Eckelberry Treasurer
John Kahler Esquire
Mary Kate Hayes Tiler
Bob Kissel Chaplain
Mike Looman Inner Guard
Kylie Mathias Organist
Chuck Jones Anne Clouse
Christine Pattee Tyler Shuff

May Birthdays

Be sure to come down and get your FREE birthday dinner on May 5th!!

01 Tyler Shuff 03 Ron Burns 03 Jenifer Crawford 04 Ron Porter
04 Jim Supance 06 Patrick Christopher 06 Robert Gooding 06 Frank Lamoreaux
10 Wayne C Griffin 15 Robert Foster 15 Merle McKillip 15 Austin Willman
16 Branden Johnson 16 Bailey Snyder 16 Joe Steinmetz 18 Charlton Rolle
19 Scott Kromer 21 Meg Smith 22 Aaron Thompson 25 Jessie Babcock
27 Debra J Depinet 28 Douglas E Ranker 28 Dean Strausbaugh 28 Steve Wilson
29 Steven M Hickey 29 John M Kahler II 30 Justin Atkin 30 Larry Hedden