A Fraternal Organization


TIFFIN, OHIO (419) 447-2818

Established September 12, 1888

November 2019
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Dear Elks:

If you are interested in attending events at other lodges in our district, this is the link to the Ohio Elks Association website for Northwest Ohio:


The annual inspection went well this weekend. The only issue we have is that there are no officers for next year. The Leading Knight and Loyal Knight are empty and therefore there is no successor for next year’s Exalted Ruler chair. The members will need to consider filling these vacancies in order for the lodge to maintain its charter.

The annual Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 14, from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm. Children and grandchildren of lodge members up to age twelve (12) are eligible for the gifts and all family members are welcome to attend. You must either sign up at the bar or RSVP to Jennifer Kahler at jenniferlkahler@yahoo.com or 419-618-0602 by December 7.

This year’s Hoop Shoot will be held on Saturday, December 14, from 1-4 pm, at the Tiffin Middle School Gym. The age brackets are 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, boys and girls. Three (3) more volunteers are needed for this event. Contact Bobby Kissell or Sam Bohanan to volunteer. First drink is on Bobbie if you commit to serving and follow through! 

The Elks Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, December 1, in the lodge room. The time is TBD. Please let us know of any Elks that have passed away this year. Email uptonm12@gmail.com with the names of the member that have passed this year. Thank you.

The link to the lodge calendar is here:  https://www.tiffinelks.com/calendar-of-events.cfm  


Michele Upton, ER

Elks Motto: The faults of our members we write upon the sand, their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory.

Forever in Elkdom,
    Michele Upton, ER



If you have family coming into town for the holidays remember to bring them all down to the elks for a drink, family is always welcome. 

We still have some delinquents. Remember you can pay online anytime here:

Do you need some Gun Raffle tickets? Click here to buy as many as you want online. Remember you can also buy them for your friends and then guilt them into paying you back.

You can also buy on the phone, call 419-447-2818

Or you can buy in person at 106 E Perry St. (open to the public) anytime after 5 pm weekdays and Saturday.

Respectfully Yours,
    Branden Johnson, Secretary


It’s that time of the year! Our biggest fundraiser is upon us! The Gun Raffle!!

Saturday, November 16. Have you sold your tickets? Did you get more from the club and sell those as well? Will we be seeing you at the event to enjoy some dinner and fellowship with other members?

We cannot stress how important this event is to the life of the Club. Your participation in any way is always welcome.

Doors will open at 5:00 pm. Kitchen will be open from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. First drawing will be held at 6:30 pm and there will be plenty of other raffles happening throughout the night.

Wednesday, November 13th Beef and Noodles will be on the menu for dinner.

Hope to see everyone down to enjoy.

Respectfully Yours,
    Your Trustees

Cub Scout Pack 471 has 45 active scouts, and we have recently become part of the Tiffin Elks 94 who is our new charter organization. We strive to train the youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through a wide range of outdoor activities, education programs, and helping with local community organizations. 

The Scouting experience from elementary to college and everything in between, the Cub Scouts build knowledge that instills confidence in those who may find themselves without the necessary tools to make successful strides towards a promising future. As we look for vitality in our communities, we must be willing to put forth the commitment to ensure that we do not lose our most precious resource, our children. 

Michele Upton Exalted Ruler
Leading Knight
Loyal Knight
Jennifer Kahler Lecturing Knight
Branden Johnson Secretary
Jim Eckelberry Treasurer
John Kahler Esquire
Laura Johnson Tiler
Bob Kissel Chaplain
Chris Kiefer Inner Guard
Kylie Mathias Organist
Chuck Jones Anne Clouse
Christine Corgan Tyler Shuff

November Birthdays

Be sure to come down and get your FREE birthday dinner on November 13th!!

02 Daniel Scherger 02 Tim Wadsworth 08 Tom Rodgers 10 Gregg Johnson
14 Jessica Wirth 15 Martin Lee Coffmen 15 David Spitler 17 John Detwiler
18 Dan Pfeiffer 19 Erin Jensen Skeel 20 Nicole Miller 20 Brian Narlock
20 Terry Phillips 22 Andrew Stevens 23 Richard Chwalik 23 Jacob DeMonte
24 Brian K Falter 25 David Lather 25 Chad Siebeneck 25 Phillip D Werner
26 Joel W Consolo 26 Jennifer L Kahler 27 Brent Howard 28 Ron Brown