A Fraternal Organization


TIFFIN, OHIO (419) 447-2818

Established September 12, 1888

May 2019
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Dear Fellow Elks,

I am excited to say that we are scheduled to be approved for the Tiffin Downtown Facade Grant to repair the balcony railing and one of the doors on the second story. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to anyone who contributed to this project, especially Bill Nordholdt.

I am running a contest to see who reads this newsletter by awarding a $20 credit to the first person to email me at uptonm12@gmail.com.

Forever in Elkdom,
    Michele Upton, ER


Thanks to everyone who has paid their dues this year, however, we still have 74 members that haven’t paid yet. If you are one of them please pay your dues online at tiffinelks.com or in person at the bar. Email me anytime at secretary@tiffinelks.com with any questions or concerns. Let's make this year a winning year for our club, that means making our membership numbers go up!! Tell your friends about the Elks and see if you can sponsor them to join our ranks.

Respectfully Yours,
    Branden Johnson, Secretary


Bring on the May flowers and your friends as the Elks Lodge continues to bring on the exciting events.    

Saturday, May 4th , Build a Burger is from 5:30 to 7:30.  Come enjoy dinner and watch the running of the Kentucky Derby!  Starting at 7:30, The Buzz Anderson Project will fire up some music for everyone to enjoy.  This is a Bring a Guest event, so if you know anyone who may be interested in joining our group it would be a great time to introduce them to the lodge and all we have to offer.

Saturday, May 11th , Guest chef for the night, Randy Carpenter, will be doing a Build your own Pasta dinner

Wednesday, May 15th , Evening Dinner- Brisket will be on the menu, provided by Sharon Gosche

Wednesday, May 22nd , Evening Dinner- the menu is TBD

You may have noticed the addition of menus to the bar and tables, be sure to check them out for DAILY, yes, DAILY, food options as well as upcoming events and meals.

Planning has begun for this year’s annual Regatta, Sunday, August 18, and Golf Tournament.  Please check out details posted on the Facebook page and throughout the lodge!

Respectfully Yours,
    Your Trustees

Michele Upton Exalted Ruler
Leading Knight
Loyal Knight
Jennifer Kahler Lecturing Knight
Branden Johnson Secretary
Jim Eckelberry Treasurer
John Kahler Esquire
Laura Johnson Tiler
Bob Kissel Chaplain
Chris Kiefer Inner Guard
Kylie Mathias Organist
Chuck Jones Anne Clouse
Christine Corgan Tyler Shuff

May Birthdays

Be sure to come down and get your FREE birthday dinner on May 4th!!

01 Tyler Shuff 03 Ron Burns 03 Jenifer Crawford 04 Ron Porter
04 Jim Supance 06 Patrick Christopher 06 Robert Gooding 06 Frank Lamoreaux
10 Wayne C Griffin 15 Robert Foster 15 Merle McKillip 15 Austin Willman
16 Branden Johnson 16 Bailey Snyder 16 Joe Steinmetz 18 Charlton Rolle
19 Scott Kromer 21 Meg Smith 22 Aaron Thompson 25 Jessie Babcock
27 Debra J Depinet 28 Douglas E Ranker 28 Dean Strausbaugh 28 Steve Wilson
29 Steven M Hickey 29 John M Kahler II 30 Justin Atkin 30 Larry Hedden