A Fraternal Organization


TIFFIN, OHIO (419) 447-2818

Established September 12, 1888

April 2019
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Dear Fellow Elks,

As we begin this year, I would like to offer you three goals:

  1. Write the faults of your fellow Elks in the sand and their virtues on the tablets of your hearts. Enjoy the blessings of your Elk family.

  2. Consider how you can help others in the community reach their goals. Think about what you can do to offer support to individuals, organizations, and businesses to make a positive impact. Bring your ideas to the lodge so we can make them happen! I want to see us find a way to help every facet of our community. Whatever you are involved in, ask the lodge to help. We are called benevolent for a good reason!

  3. How could you help in the renovation of the balcony and second story doors to preserve the historic significance of our lodge? Our lodge is 131 years old and was the first lodge built specifically for the purpose of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. We need to repair or replace the doors as they are in disrepair, and the railings as they are not up to modern building codes and rotting. Is there a way you can help preserve our beautiful heritage?

Bring any needs or ideas to the next lodge meeting (see calendar below) or reach out to any officer, trustee or PER.  

I look forward to serving with you as we look for new ways to contribute and to continue doing those things that make a lasting impact on our wonderful community!

Forever in Elkdom,
    Michele Upton , ER


For my first report as secretary, I want to thank everyone for a great two years as ER. I also want to thank everyone who has sent in their dues payment. You will be receiving your new blue key card in the mail soon if you have not already.

The front door lock will be changed April 1st and you will need a blue card to get in. If you don't have your card just ring the bell and get buzzed in. Reminder, if you have not yet paid dues, you will be asked to pay at the club on your next visit before you can purchase anything.

A great time to pay is at the Awards Party on April 13th!  I will have all the cards there with me, so if you pay then you will receive your card in person at the party.

Respectfully Yours,
    Branden Johnson, Secretary


WOW, the events just keep filling up our club’s calendar!  Plenty of opportunities for everyone to enjoy time with friends at the Elks.

Saturday, April 6th will be Build a Burger from 5:30 pm to 8 pm.

Wednesday, April 10th is the Birthday dinner which will be Ribs or Eggplant Parmesan.

Saturday, April 13th will be this year’s Awards Party starting at 7 pm.  Shane Piasecki and the Lonewolf Hippies will be the entertainment for the night.  We will also announce Elk of the Year, Citizen of the Year, and Officer of the Year during the event.

Saturday, April 20th will be this year’s installation of officers for the Lodge.  There will be a TBD dinner available for the night as well.

Friday, April 26th is Arbor Day.  The Dinner served will be Pork Chops and proceeds from this dinner will be donated to help with purchase and installation of a tree to be planted locally.

So there you go with another month full of opportunities for everyone to come enjoy your club!

Respectfully Yours,
    Your Trustees

Michele Upton Exalted Ruler
Leading Knight
Loyal Knight
Jennifer Kahler Lecturing Knight
Branden Johnson Secretary
Jim Eckelberry Treasurer
John Kahler Esquire
Laura Johnson Tiler
Bob Kissel Chaplain
Chris Kiefer Inner Guard
Kylie Mathias Organist
Chuck Jones Anne Clouse
Christine Corgan Tyler Shuff

April Birthdays

Be sure to come down and get your FREE birthday dinner on April 13th!!

01 James O Eckelberry 01 Drew Westenbarger 03 Drew Croy 03 Robert Mehrman
04 Justin Nowak 05 Michael Gardner 05 Hannah Luhring 06 Jay O Eckelberry
06 Todd Sarka 08 Bryan D Smith 09 Gary Stroup 11 Chris English
11 Mary Kate Hayes 11 Jim C Wilson 12 John Payne 12 Gary Stephens
13 Bradley Newman 14 Andy Andersons 16 Jeremy Croy 19 John Coppus
20 William Michelli 20 Raffy Reyes 23 Kylie Mathias 26 Bryce Riggs
27 Jared Watson 27 Wayne Wax 30 Bob Sangregory