A Fraternal Organization


TIFFIN, OHIO (419) 447-2818

Established September 12, 1888

December 2018
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Lots going on this month. Keep in mind that giving an Elks Membership might be a good stocking stuffer. Maybe you know someone who is on the fence about becoming a member, give them a push and let's try to grow our numbers!

If you have kids please consider entering them in the hoop shoot Saturday, December 15 at 1:00 PM at the Tiffin Middle School. This free-throw shooting competition is FREE and OPEN to all children who will be between the ages of 8-13 AS OF APRIL 1, 2019. There are Girls and Boys divisions for 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13 year old age groups.

Then sign your kids up for the Kids' Christmas party. They will get a gift from the Elks and get to meet Santa on December 15th at 10 am at the Club.


Forever in Elkdom,
    Branden Johnson, ER


Welcome our newest member Bailey Snyder!

During a memorial service this Sunday we will be honoring the following departed members at 2 pm in the lodge room. All are welcome to attend. St. Johns Choir will be performing. 

Robert Klepper
Glenn Ritzenthaler, P.E.R.
John Wangler
Don Bero
Bernard Hohman
Fred Spurck
Al Fingerhuth
Carl Yager
Willis Mitten


Respectfully Yours,
    Laura Johnson, Secretary


December Events

  • December 02: Memorial Service
  • December 15: Kids Christmas Party
  • December 15: Hoop Shoot
  • December 24: Tom and Jerry party
  • December 27: Martini Party
  • January 22: RF&B @ The Elks
  • February 02: Build a Burger
  • February 03: Super Bowl Party
  • February 13: Oven Roasted Chicken Meal
  • February 22: Flat Iron Steak Meal
  • March 02: Build-a-Burger
  • March 13: Dinner at the Elks
  • March 16: St. Patty's Day Dinner
  • March 22: Dinner at the Elks
  • March 23: Ladies Night!
  • April 06: Build a Burger
  • April 10: Dinner at the Elks - Ribs or Eggplant Parmesan
  • April 13: Awards Party!
  • April 20: New Elks Officers Installation Ceremony
  • April 26: Arbor Day Benefit Dinner at Elks
  • May 04: Build-a-Burger, Derby Party
  • May 11: Build your own Pasta Dinner
  • May 15: Brisket Dinner
  • May 22: Italian Buffet
  • June 12: Chicken Dinner
  • June 15: Flag Day Ceremony
  • June 15: Clouse Dog Night!
  • June 19: Martin family's South of The Border Meal
  • July 17: BBQ Ribs Dinner
  • August 03: CornHole Tournament
  • August 03: Build-a-Burger
  • August 17: Golf Tournament
  • August 18: The Regatta
  • September 11: First Responders Prime Rib Dinner
  • October 05: Build a burger
  • October 05: BAND: The Cover Story
  • November 13: Dinner: Beef and Noodles
  • November 16: Elks Gun Raffle
  • December 06: Hot Chocolate
  • December 07: Build a Burger
  • December 14: Elks Kids Christmas Party
  • December 14: Hoop Shoot
  • December 24: Tom and Jerry party
  • December 26: Annual Martini Party
  • January 29: Club open
  • February 01: Build a Burger
  • February 02: Superbowl Party!
  • May 19: Patio Open!
  • May 20: Patio Open!
  • May 21: BBQ Dinner
  • May 22: Club Open!
  • May 22: Club Open!

This year’s gun and cash raffle was a success! Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to all the ticket sellers and volunteers during the event.

Thanks to all those who helped with and donated during the Veteran’s Day dinner. We are going to make a $175 dollar donation to the Veteran’s Home.

There are plenty of events in December for members and families to enjoy. December 1st will be Build a Burger. The kitchen will be open from 5:30 to 8. December 2nd at 2 pm will be the Memorial Service for all of our departed members. Please join us during this event to remember them.

Saturday, December 15th will be the kids Christmas party. Party will be from 10 am till Noon. There is a sign-up sheet at the bar for kids up to age 12. Our special guest will be there to visit with the kids throughout the party.

Saturday, December 15th will also be this year’s Hoop Shoot from 1-4 p.m. at the Middle School.

Christmas Eve we will be open for the Tom and Jerry party. Hope to see everyone for this annual celebration.

The Martini Party will be Thursday, December 27th. Cost of the event is $20 and an appetizer to share.

A month full of celebration and remembering. We hope to see everyone at these events!

Happy Holidays from your Trustees and Friends

Respectfully Yours,
    Your Trustees

Branden Johnson Exalted Ruler
Katie Lang Leading Knight
Michele Upton Loyal Knight
Jennifer Kahler Lecturing Knight
Laura Johnson Secretary
Jim Eckelberry Treasurer
John Kahler Esquire
Mary Kate Hayes Tiler
Bob Kissel Chaplain
Mike Looman Inner Guard
Kylie Mathias Organist
Chuck Jones Anne Clouse
Christine Corgan Tyler Shuff

December Birthdays

Be sure to come down and get your FREE birthday dinner on December 1st!!

01 Bryan C Rannigan 03 Randy W Carpenter 03 Andrew J Felter 03 Eric D Griffin
04 William Hite 08 Derek W Devine 11 E R Schultz 11 Shawn Vallery
13 Susan J Beck 15 Michele Upton 16 Kayla Moore 17 Mark E Repp
18 Chuck Jones 19 Robert Alt 21 James Gates 21 John Reino
21 Gene Thompson 23 Doug Ducsay 25 Kenneth Foy 26 Steve Bernard
26 Christine M Corgan 27 Edward Lape Jr 29 Eric Kuebler 31 Stacy Wilson